Key Teachers

A designated teacher system

At Ako Rolleston we appreciate how special and unique your child is therefore each child has a designated key teacher to support them and you during your time here.

The key teacher has overall responsibility for meeting the needs of your child in both their care routines and in the learning programme.  Due to their familiarity and special relationship with you and your child, they will also act as your first point of call, should you have any queries you would like to discuss or information to pass on.

The role of the key teacher will differ depending upon the age of your child and how long they have been at Ako Rolleston. For our youngest tamariki, the support teacher acts as a primary caregiver and will therefore support your infant or toddler throughout the day with their care routines and supporting their emotional needs.

As tamariki get older and become less reliant on these relationships, having a key teacher still ensures that there is at least one person in the environment who knows them extremely well and acts as their ‘secure base’. A safe place from which they can venture out, form relationships with others, follow their interests, learn, develop and gain independence.

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