Parent Testimony

I love everything about AKO. My wee boy is thriving there. Rachael and her team are so understanding with his needs and really have taken a personalized approach to caring for him. They are happy to answer my 100 questions at every pick up which I really appreciate. My boy doesn’t want to come home when I go to pick him up! He talks about day care at home! This is our second day care and is the right one for us 🙂

Shayla Foster

My daughter is becoming more and more excited every day about going to school, but at the same time we are all a bit emotional in having to say goodbye to a place where she has done most of her growing up, learning and developing. Ako has taken a shy, scared little baby all those years ago, showered her with love, care and support, giving her comfort and joy in her home away from home, and turned her into the bright, confident young girl she is today. All ready for the big step. We are eternally grateful for every little bit of support you have given us.


Arista Van Rooyen

The growth we have seen in Poppy and Hudson is fantastic, so for us so far we are happy with what they are learning and being taught. We are so happy with where we have chosen to put Poppy and Hudson. They get so excited on AKo days. Their talking and confidence has grown so much in a short time. The staff are all so friendly, warm and welcoming and you can see they really do care about the children. Another important factor for us is teaching the kids good behavior as far as ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ and sitting to eat. And I love how these are continued at Ako.

Jala Clarke

Rachael is so lovely and Ako is such a lovely home like early childhood centre – Definitely worth a visit if you are looking for childcare.

Holly Weild

Positive: Communication, Professionalism, Quality, Value.
Ako take great care of my son and he has so much fun attending.

Megan Winks