Our emphasis is always on play, believing that learning should be fun. We work in collaboration with families and our community to nurture children’s growth and development so they can learn and discover in a positive secure environment.

Infants (under 2's) - The Nursery

Our Nursery is a home-like modern lounge room which caters for infants under the age of 2. Our Nursery has been developed to create a sense of warmth and security from which our youngest children can begin to explore their world. Every child is valued and in order to ensure a successful start to your child’s education journey teachers will establish a relationship with you ensuring your child’s routine is similar to home and all their care-giving and emotional needs are met.

Toddlers (2-3yrs) – Toddler Space

Our toddler space has been carefully designed to meet the needs of these busy tamariki who act like big kids one minute – and need hugs and reassurance the next. The toddler programme includes a healthy balance of exciting, new experiences and comforting routines within a rich and varied environment, where toddlers can safely explore, discover, imagine and connect.

Young Children (3-5yrs) - Tamariki Nui

Our Tamariki Nui Room has a dedicated Art Studio as well as a variety of play and learning areas to meet the needs of the inquiring minds of our older children.

Our School Readiness Programme

To support children in becoming ‘school ready’ we offer small group experiences that extend and enrich children’s learning according to their interests and  abilities, for example, when learning to write their name. We focus on developing a child’s independence, their ability to take care of their belongings, put their shoes on etc. As well as the all important, social competence, being able to manage in a world where relationships are at the forefront.

Moving On To The Primary School Environment

We think it is important both you and your child experience a smooth transition into the primary school environment. We are working to build strong relationships with our local primary schools so that you have a sense of familiarity when your transition begins.

"Poipoia Te Kākano Kia Puawai - Nurture The Seed, And It Will Blossom"